In the Beginning….

Hi! My name is Laura and I am starting out on a new adventure. I have been card-making for over a year now…and find that I have a talent…and a love…for making them! They are my little bit of sanity! I am learning how to do many techniques and create many different types of cards, but the “business” end is floundering. A new friend, Elizabeth John, from Love from Lizi, inspired me to try to go ahead with my adventure and branch out. So this blog is the start. Then I plan to try to video my card making and other card activities in the hopes that others will like what I do and want to join in the fun. I have all kinds of goals and plans and projects…now to first learn how to create this website and start this blog! Be seeing you!


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning….

  1. Hi Laura: I saw you post on Lovefrom Lizi FB group. I ordered the February kit. So just posted my 1st 5 cards today. So much inspiration from other members. I mainly copy some of the ideas as I have not workeed making cards from pieces, just layering on top of presized cards, so I am learning from you. I watched your youtube videos–great job. I had trouble applying that thin sticky silver. Made a royal mess! I hate tying ribbons so liked it when Lizi showed how to tighten across card on strip of paper. You are subscribing to a lot of kits. I will certainly be interested in watching your youtubes. Good luck on your new adventure!
    :))) Betty in San Diego

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    1. Betty, Thank you for your sweet words! I love cardmaking! I started about 2 years ago…saw a Jennifer McGuire video and that was it…I was hooked! BTW those pin stripes can be a pain sometimes, but ever since I saw Elizabeth, from Love from Lizi, use it I knew I had to try some. She was the only one I knew who sold it, but when I visited my daughter in Scotland, they had a store there where I bought tons of it! I love it! There is so much to learn out there and so many really cool techniques! I get a lot of blog posts from other card makers and they are awesome for inspiration! Good luck with your new goals!


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