A New Day…

Okay, guys…onto the blogging! LOL I have some errands to run today so that will cut into my crafting, but I have plans…and plans…and projects…and projects…in mind. Of course, I will do the 10 cards -1 kit that is so popular right now, but I also have plans to do a Project a week once I get my video cam up and running. I watched a video by Crazy Paper Chick doing 14 cards from one 12×12 sheet. I think I’m going to try that. I also want to do a project using a 6×6 pad to make cards…I think I’ve seen that by another crafter, but I can’t remember who…then I want to create my own “kit” – not to sell (yet!) but to create something that blends and goes together beautifully. Then make my own 10 cards – 1 kit out of that. I get a few kits from different sources – Simon Says Stamp’s monthly subscription, My Monthly Hero (when I like the kit they have), My Favorite Things (when I like that kit, too), Love from Lizi (I LOVE THESE KITS!) and MyCreativeScrapbook. I’ll do a post and video about those kits and what I make from them. I learn so much from these kits watching others create from the contents of each.

I just finished 10 cards – 1 kit from the November 2016 Love from Lizi kit….a tad behind card-making because I just re-did my craft room…Here are those…

I don’t celebrate Christmas so this kit was a little challenging in that respect, but I love Winter! I needed some cards for some friends that have had some difficulties lately so I included those cards in this making. The cards took about a week…all told…to create. They were made on 5.5 x 5.5 cards so I used a lot more of the kit than typical. But the kit comes with so much that I didn’t run out!

I just cleaned up my space a few minutes ago, so I am already laying out the next project and trying to decide what I am going to do…but which kit to work on next?!?!? Talk to ya later!


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