I’m so jealous!!

I have been checking out the Instagram posts…the websites…I am so jealous! I would LOVE to be at this year’s CHA but it was not meant to be…*sigh* But I still am watching all the great stuff coming out and making my lists! I can’t wait to start buying some of the stuff! There goes the grocery money….lol…

I have been productive this weekend, though I have an infection in one of my back teeth…I think I’ve got the vid cam up and running…its an interesting configuration to say the least! Here’s a photo of it…


It looks precarious, but really isn’t…though it’s not as stable as I would like. I can’t have it sitting on my work space, though. The legs take up too much room and I can’t reach the camera! So this is how it is going to be for a while…

But I did get two cards made today! From the Love From Lizi January 2017 kit! Here are two cards I did, and the initial pile of mistakes that I started off with! Talk about frustrating!

Well, that’s my day…thought I did finally get my Planner for January done…with half the month gone! But I wanted to create my own pages and information that I wanted. So now I have it all ready to do for February and I will get that printed out next week end.


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