About Me

Hello! My name is Laura. I am a Mom to two beautiful daughters, a Mom-Mom to one beautiful granddaughter – who lives in Scotland right now with my oldest daughter and her husband, an “aunt mom” to my nephew, and “mom” to two adorable but spoiled pets – Checkers, a black and white Pomeranian, and Parker, a black short-hair cat. I live in Maryland…in the United States…with my Mom, my youngest daughter, and my nephew, who my Mom and I are raising. I love to make cards, read, and read, and read…lol…I dabble in a lot of things but I always like my card making, herbal research, making beauty products (when I have the time), writing (I would love to publish my articles!), and gardening. I am a widow, a Christian, and a school bus driver. I’ve been driving a school bus for 16 years and most days I love it! LOL My dream is to live on a farm, raise animals and grow organic vegetables and herbs, putter around in the my work/craft room, and have a small shop where I can sell my herbs, my beauty products, my cards, and the vegetables that we grow on our farm!